Usability testing market research is a qualitative method of research. Qualitative research helps in surveying target audiences’ behaviour and insight to understand different issues. This type of market research is used in examining a product by testing it on the users. User testing method gives a direct data on how the users use the products and evaluate them. It is done through one-on-one basis with the moderator examining and observing the way a person uses a product, service or any website.

The participants are given practical situations and tasks to perform after which each one’s behaviour, execution, experience and feedback is observed and examined. Their understanding and usability issues are discovered, so that proper recommendations can be given for future analysis and functioning of the product, service or website.

This type of research emphasises on computing a product’s ability to meet its purpose. There are different products which benefit from usability testing like consumer products, foods, websites, etc. It measures the ease of use of a particular object or service. This research can be done at any stage of development of any product or website.

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