Quantitative Research Indonesia

KAD research is an independent full-service marketing research company with experience in quantitative as well as qualitative research. Quantitative research is about exploring the target audience’s range of behaviour and perceptions, which drive to understand the issue, phenomena, and answering the questions after analysing the unstructured data that is collected from various methods. Their research methods are searched that always felicitate the success of the client, help them to grow and built the reputation of the company in the competitive market. Their mission is helping the leading companies to create and sustain their customer’s satisfaction through an extensive market research fieldwork.

Now focussing on the specific area of quantitative market research, KAD RESEARCH is indeed leaving its mark in the field of market research.

The methods used in the extraction are:

  • CATI research or computer assisted telephone interviewing is a phone reviewing strategy in which the interviewer takes after a script given by a product application.
  • Mystery shopping monitors theservice quality and advisory within a company, as well as the observance to defined guidelines associated with customer interaction in an objective manner.
  • Online survey allows research to be finished faster, cheaper and prevents bias by ensuring the privacy of the respondent.
  • CAPI or Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing instead of collecting data on paper questionnaires, here interviewers uses portable computers to register data directly via keyboard.
  • Retail-audit service suppliersaccumulates collective information on a brand's sales capacity, sales trends, stock levels, efficiency of in-store display and promotion activities, and other associated aspects.
  • PAPI or Paper and Pencil Interviewing: Dataacquired from the interview is recorded in paper form using a pencil. Lately wide incorporation of tablets for data entry obtained from face-to-face interviews has ensured greater control on quality.
    • Thus the high level of scrutiny and thorough undertaken in quantitative market analysis provided by KAD Research has had exemplary effect in strategizing their client’s business and will definitely grow and improve as they continue to do so in the future.