Mystery Shopping is a less known but proven method of measuring customer experience and delivery of customer service. Biggest way it helps is by identifying the shortcomings of your customer service organization and infrastructure.

Mystery shopping or a mystery shopper or secret shopper is a tool used by market research companies, regulatory bodies or internally by companies themselves to measure equality of services or following regulations, or to acquire information about goods and amenities. It’s more than measuring Customer Experience. It's measuring how the front-line is enacting a strategy as it identifies system/network issues which impinge customer service. The mystery consumer’s specific identity and intention are not revealed to establishments being evaluated. Where remoteness and an unfamiliar market are limiting factors for foreign establishments and entrepreneurs, KAD Research’s local team of Indonesia is able to gather information through this process and provide detailed reports and feedback to guide the successful market entry and growth. The mystery shopping program works well for clients in the business fields of retail market, shopping centres, Banking industries and Electronic industries.

The mysterious ways by which mystery shoppers work typically include:

  • Number of employees in the store on entering.
  • The waiting time before the mystery shopper is greeted
  • The name of thepersonnel
  • Whether or not the greeting is welcoming ,ideally according to objective measures
  • Questions by the shopper to find a suitable product
  • The types of product shown
  • The sales argument used by the employee
  • Whether or by what means the employee tried to close the sale
  • Whether the employee proposed any odd-on sales
  • Whether the employee invited the shopper to revisit the store
  • Pristineness of store and stores associates
  • Speed of service
  • Compliance with company principlesconcerning to service, store appearance, and grooming/presentation

So use this really innovative service to solve the mystery while at the same time you canmonitor, improve and maintain your company’s service quality with the help of KAD Research.