Face to face market research helps you to develop a bonding with respondents and boost up advertisements. Face-to-face interview is one of the most widely used techniques in the research industry. It is a quantitative method of research. It helps one to get full attention of the respondent and reduce or eliminate any distractions. It can be done with some respondents in their homes, or by targeting some people at any event. This can involve a longer period of time to interview someone so as to clear all doubts and also know the respondent better but it must be kept in mind to not extend the interview time beyond a certain limit.

It is quite advantageous as respondents tend to give their full attention in the presence of the interviewer. It is helpful as the interviewer can show cards in order to explain complicated things, show and explain different types of brands, photos of actual products, etc. It also helps the interviewer to observe the respondent and know the responses better.

Although this type of market research is very beneficial, yet it does have certain limitations like the interviews can be costly to the company. It usually takes more time to schedule and conduct the interview. Sometimes the respondents can provide biased responses.

It is very important to ask the right questions at the right time during this type of market research and that is where KAD Research in Indonesia helps you with. KAD Research is a marketing research company having experience in quantitative research like this. It helps in distinguishing respondents’ body language and responses in the presence of the interviewer. The company helps in maintaining a devoted and honest business deal with their clients. It provides the best service which is recognised and acknowledged by their clients and respondents.