CATI Research or Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing is a phone reviewing strategy in which the interviewer takes after a script gave by a product application. CATI is utilized when an interviewer is doing phone research - be it B2B or customer. It is an organized arrangement of micro data gathering by phone that helps in increasing the accumulation and altering of micro data, which in turn allows the interviewer to teach the respondents on the significance of convenient and precise data. It can control the questions that are being asked by the interviewer on the basis of the answers being provided and the information that’s known about the answerer. It is utilized as a part of B2B administrations and corporate deals.

CATI may work in the following given ways -

  • A modernized survey is directed to respondents via phone.
  • The interviewer sits before a PC screen.
  • Upon order, the PC dials the phone number to be called.
  • At the point when contact is made, the interviewer reads out the inquiries displayed on the PC screen and records the respondent's answers specifically into the PC.
  • CATI programming has an in built logic, that increases the data accuracy.
  • The program will continuously test for incorrect or illogical answers, such as if the percentage sum doesn’t add up to be 100.
  • The product has branching logic, which will skip addresses that are not relevant or will test for more detail where necessary.

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